12 Years of Creative Exploration: From Dayfeels to Studio Day

For over a decade, I've been weaving a unique path in the creative world. My journey began with Dayfeels, a multifaceted design and illustration studio. Recently, it evolved into Studio Day, reflecting my ongoing growth.

Through these experiences, I've honed my skills in:

Branding & Identity
Product Design
Visual Design & Art Direction
Textiles & Patterns
Social Media Design
Photography & Editing
This diverse background has allowed me to collaborate with a fantastic range of clients and develop a perfect balance of creative passion and business acumen. I believe in the power of continuous learning and strive to bring a thoughtful, collaborative approach to every project.

My Values:

Problem-solving: I take pride in finding creative solutions to bring your vision to life.
Grace, Care & Love: I infuse my work with these values to make a positive impact.
Empathy & Adaptability: I'm a strong listener who thrives in collaborative environments.

My Passion:

Creating beautiful, impactful work that transcends trends and tells a story. Work that's both pure and honest, simple yet powerful.

Let's connect and discuss how I can help you bring your project to life!